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engine mounts uprated or OEM?

  Inferno 182FF
i have been noticing that my engine it rocking a little more than normal and i am going to change the three mounts upper gearbox and lower mounts and i was wondering should i go for vibra-technics(have had a set on the saxo before) or is it worth just going for a new OEM pair?


ClioSport Moderator
The power flex involves pushing the old bushes out of your existing mount and putting harder bushes in.

IMO not really worth it in a 1.2 etc, but it can't hurt.

The harder rubber does cause increased vibrations some times but it does give a tighter feel to the gearbox, especially when pushing on.
  Clio 182, Astra Sri
So far the powerflex dogbone bush upgrade is the most noticeable mod I've done to my clio so far, gear changes feel excellent now
The old buses are pressed out and replaced with a power flex item and metal sleeve / insert.

You will noticed a slight increase of vibration at idle, but this does quieten down when the new mount has bedded in.

You notice a reduction in engine movement and improved gear changes IMO.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
How much are the powerflex dog bone mounts and how big a job to fit? If using a garage, how long should it take them to fit it?


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
Ideal, think il look into getting this done asap then.

My 182 is 55 playe and non of the mounts hve been changed. Do you know what sort of price engine/box mounts are?

Also been thinking about a short shifter but read mixed reviews on them? Sat in a Meg R26 yesterday with one fit and it felt so much better changing gears (brrmmmmmm, tsss)
  Megane r26
Dogbone is defo worth it, easy to fit. Just burn old bush's out then put a hacksaw done the ally bit that is left from ths old bush an knock it out then push the powerless one in an knock the metal sleeve through an refit