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Engine rebuild

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My cam belt went snap a few weeks ago. Im having a few other bits and bobs done to the engine whilst its going to be in bits. I spoke to the guy who is going to be doing most of the work and fitting today for a price. He said he would do the following. Some for extra power etc, and other bits due to possible damaged parts:

- engine out
- strip down
- balanced rods and pistons
- crank crind and balance
- big end bearings
- lightened and balanced flywheel
- Piston rings
- oil pump
- oil and filter
- sump seal
- clutch fitted
- cams and verniers fitted and timed
- cam belt fitted
- modified head on and fully setup

and a couple of other things including the engine put back in!

All this lot came to over a grand on top of the head, cams, verniers, etc that i already now have. My question is what should I be expecting from all this. The guy knows his stuff. He builds race engines all day long and claims he can get the car pushing out a lot more bhp than before.

Should I get this done or should I try to source a 2.0 megane and use the bottom end instead. Only problem being I wont know much about the engine. At least with the rebuild and modified parts ill know exactly whats under the bonnet and that it should be reliable. Only problem is this takes me over budget and iv got to think about getting it to HP to be chipped.

Any thoughts?? Cheers

hi mate, i am thinking of having major engine work done at the mo, was your car standard before cam belt snap? and is the price you been quoted include parts etc?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

aup matey,

no not standard, has full magnex, decat, pbv and airfilter. These will probably be needed too for this type of work. Price includes all parts and labour apart from cams, verniers, and headwork which has all been sorted seperatley. I hear BenR does v good headwork and was going to send my head to him but I decided to take mine local for convenience as it weighs a bloody ton and would cost a load to post off.

how much did you pay for cams and verniers?

im hoping to get 2l botttom end, cams verniers polished head new clutch lightened flywhell all fitted for under 2k
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Well iv worked it all out and including all the above itg going to cost me £1968 in total. Reason I was asking about the 2.0 is iv im going to get a lot more power than all the above work and its going to be cheaper then i may as well start looking again.

Cams and verniers cost me £250 all in, bargain!

from where? for £1968 i would source a megane bottom end (£300) and get the guy to fit it while the engine is out, he cant ask for more than an hours labour on top so for £330 u get a 2l bottom end, also u can sell your old one for £150(?)