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Engine Rebuilds


My clio is now on 91k. If i did want to do some work on it to increase power (cams, chip, turbo(i wish)) then i presume a rebuild would have to be done first to make sure it could take the extra pressure.

anyone know how much that would cost ? or what parts do wear that would need to be replaced etc ... ?
  Williams 2, STi N12

Well if you are looking into more power and a re-build then why not get them done at the same time! All the top end would need tuning anyway with the cams etc.. so why not get the bottom end balanced and stuff as well, for not much more.

Perfect...bonjour Rodney.
  BMW 320d Sport

Exactly, if youre putting cams in and youre doing the job properly, the head would need looking at anyway. Then all youve got is the bottom end to do while the engines out. you should do the whole job all in one go and come out of it with a recon, better engine.

yeah, im gonna look into it

i basically wanted to get ppls opinions if it was worth doing to a high milage car, as in with a bit more work, can it be reconditioned to give enuff peace of mind with mods on top.

Will sadly only be finally confirmed whether the bottom/head are in good health when you take them to bits. But even if they are shot then you can get new bottom ends and heads for relatively little cost. Go for it!