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Engine warning light

This has been on for the last 500 miles.. All started at the time I replaced one of the handbrake cables.. This involved disconnecting the lambda sensor. So I took plug out again, then reconnected making sure it was firm. Then might went out for 100 miles or so, now back on permanently. As suited dodgy Linda so bought another but was unable to remove the old one that seems stuck solid. Is this warning light likely to be down to the sensor? Is there any way if resetting and seeing if it comes back?

  BG V6, LY 182
More than likely down to the sensor.

But go to a garage and ask them to plug it in to a code reader, or buy one off ktec's website for £40. Let's you see the faults and clear any that are outstanding.
I have a new sensor but have been unable to remove the old one.. any tips on how to do it? seems stuck solid.
Grind the end off it and get an impact wrench on it if there is room and you have one. Never fails lol. Otherwise just persistance unfortunately