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Engine whine at Low Revs. Any ideas?

  FF Titanium 182
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum as you can see and have decided to sign up to be a full ClioSport member so you will see me around more often :). Anyway back to the subject! I have just recently purchased a Clio 182 with all the work possible done by Fred from BTMperformance back in the end of February this year. I'm almost positive there is nothing wrong with the cambelt or anything but is it true that the Renault sport engines do have a slight whine to them? I have noticed a few things online people say when they first drive them they think they are supercharged? Any ideas? Cheers kyle
I had a whine on mine, security gaurds at work knew it was me before they saw me! It went when the cam and aux belts were changed.
Could be another belt on it and not the cam belt, so you may want to check again to see if the tension is a bit wrong on the others.
  FF Titanium 182
That's the thing tho £600 of work done including the dephaser aux belt etc. So everything has been done by a specialist in February this year. Possibly over tensioned or something then?
  FF Titanium 182
Been to my usual garage to a lad who has only had French cars all his life including a 172. He reckons it sounds fine and nothing to worry about so maybe there is a whine to the engine then. I'll keep you updated in case I get anymore info or if it gets worse
  FF Titanium 182
Yeah I thought so, been done by Fred so I'm pretty sure its mint. Everything was fine with yours tho mate?
  Renault Clio182 bean
Mine wines and has done since I bought it, its the powersteering pump, its not faulty or anything as it works perfectly. Just whiney, especially from cold !
  FF Titanium 182
Yes thanks snake! Exactly that mate! Seems worse when its cold, ahhh I can put my mind at rest now. Cheers
  182 Cup, DC2, E500
I had a whine on my Accord Type R just after Honda changed the cambelt.

Turns out the alternator belt was wound up too tight. They slackened it off, job done