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Erm.... so why did / does it do that

I seem to remember seeing something about this somewhere else on the forum


MK1 172, no probs starting it each morning, in fact no noticeable probs at all except the downpipe knocking...

drove to work...left car in car park at 8:30 this morning

went to car at 1:00 to take a friend out for a drive.... it started but a bit hesitantly....and at this point in the day it was pretty bloody hot.

had a quick blast around the local area, came back, left car in carpark again, by this time it was 2:00pm

later in the afternoon, sometime after 3:00 i went out again in the car and to be honest, didnt notice if it started ok or not.. i guess it did... drove literally a few miles down the road... stopped, drove back and left car in the car park again...about 4:00 / 4:30 by this time...

come 5:30 i was out the door at work (obviously!!!) and this time, the car didnt start at all on the first turn of the key... second turn, it came to life and was fine after that...

now im wondering, it this something to do with a. the heat, b. the journeys and time period between them

or is this to be expected ??

sorry for the long winded description, just trying to paint a picture of what happened...

Ive NEVER had my mk1 start anything other than first time, every time...

You might have a problem with the engine etc, as mine has been fine come rain or shine (rhyming and everyhing!!!)

Mines done this about half a dozen times in the last 2 years - only in hot, humid weather. Other than that, its never missed a beat and its pumping out a healthy bhp figure, so Im sure the engines sweet as a nut. I really wouldnt worry about it m8 - loads of other people have this problem too...


I have 2 say that on the odd occasion mine has started, but is hesitant the same as urs is, cant understand it though as it is a new car.