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euro chloe ;-)

side on pic wouldnt show that much mate as u aint got the bodywork to compare it to surely?! i have got side on pics at home tho i think...

ronal turbos next!

bah MOT? who needs one of them on a 53 plate ;)

(besides seriously now, ill take them off when i go for the first MOT etc... the front is fine, its just the rear, which is why im contemplating flared arches on the rear to match the front.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Gotta have flared arches otherwise its going to look like you just bought the wrong offset rims!!

lol, front is fine.... believe me! lol.

its just on the limit!

Anyways yeah i need flaired rears like the front... but i only have the adaptors for the front anyways, i just tried them on the rear!

Yeah they are kei racing rims

lol, cheers winston!!!!

ronals are in the pipeline dude ;) with et 37 and these spacers all round with flared arches on the rear! should look gooooooood, was just gonna use the adaptors on the front with 2 x et37 and then not use spacers and use et28 on the rear! what u think!?

lol, well if i have the rear like that then it is illegal yeah.. but the front just scrapes it.... well scrapes it enough for the po-lice not to notice! ill just take them off for my mot when i have it in 20months time...
  A silver Honda

Looks like a Corsa with Renault offset alloys.

I like it though, maybe get some arch extensions.

lol, yeah i know what u mean with the corsa things..... was thinking of getting arch extensions on the rear to match the front....

at the moment, the wheels stick soooooo far in on the front its untrue! looks really sh*t :(

so ive got 2.5" adaptors for the front and im getting 3/4" made up for the rear & leaving the arches how they are!

but im getting half an inch shaved off the front ones so it suits perfectly in line with the flaired arches! should look pretty agressive after its done! cant leave them on at the moment tho as it catches the inside of the skirt on full lock!

by the way AJR, they aint supposed to be on the rear... i just shoved them on there for a joke, would love a euro style clio tho.... really want ronal turbos!

cheers mate!

took some new piccies yday in the sunshine after i washed & waxed her so ill post them up 2nite! aint posted up any full photos of her in a long time!!