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Evening All

  C250d amg line
Hello everyone, iv been looking around the forum for a few days thought I'd sign up.

Not bought anything yet.. got my eye on a few on ebay. I have a motor for work so I'm looking for a bit of a mess about car. Something to tinker with on the weekends and maybe even get it on Oulton Park for a few laps.

Anyhow itl be nice to get back into it all again. Looking forward to some fun times ahead.


  C250d amg line
Cheers pal, iv done a couple of days there, it's pretty adictive.

I'm currently learning all about the differences between all the different models ha. Theres quite a few.
  C250d amg line
Cheers Darren,

Im swaying towards the 197-200 end, i really like them all if I'm honest, kinda spoilt for choice.

im trying to figure out if i should start with a totally bone stock unit and work my way through it enjoying and appreciating the mods on the way, or get a half done one and possibly inherit a few issues. there's a bit of a price difference between the two, about a grand at the moment.
  C250d amg line
Ebay is lethal. Picking up a 197 on Saturday, no idea if it's got all the desired bits but it looks like a solid unit. The 5 hour drive home should let me no :ROFLMAO:
  C250d amg line
Thankyou George, Yeh not bad, the drive back was really good, brought back alot of younger memories so its doing the job already :)



Done a few bits on it today, more just finding out about it all, whats good and whats not.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Good choice. On both car and circuit. Oulton is my favourite I think.
  C250d amg line
cheers guys, yeh i quite like oulton, the plan is to work my way round the uk's tracks, oulton is booked 18th august, in full prep mode now buying all sorts to get it ready :D