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Exhaust Fitting Costs ASAP.


Ste King 182

How much am i looking at to get a cat back janspeed fitted on my 05' 182 ?? Also how much difference will it make to price of fitting, and preformance if i where to get a sports cat too ?!

Many Thanks ste.
  MK5 Fiesta Zetec S
i payed £30 to get my exhaust fitted it took 2 hours they got a u clamp made up from engineers across them and did the bumper cut out for me :)


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi RS3, Clio 172
Your normally looking at a hours labour cost. So it can vary betwen £30-£50.
  Arctic 182
Depends where you go i suppose. I had my Janspeed/KTR cat back fitted at exhausts uk in sheffield and i think they charged me 50 quid.

Give AAS a call for a quote. i think thats up your way. Ive been told theres not much point in having a sports cat as theres not much difference between that and the standard RS cat ? correct me if im wrong ?