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  1. B

    What are peoples experiences with sports cats on 1.2 16v?

    Hi all , Been having some ideas about chucking a sports cat on the 1.2 purely to add a bit of sound without just taking off the backbox and maybe even helping with the cat smell ( every so often it will do as a garage has called it a "cat clean" where it will smell and clear itself out?) The...
  2. jakehud

    what exhaust do i get?

    i currently have a k-tec milltek but want it to be more standard was wondering if anyone has any advice on what exhaust to get
  3. B

    Does D4f engine overfuel from factory or could it be tuned?

    Hello , I bought my 1.2 16v bone stock in august 2021 and around may 2022 has a mid/rear catback exhaust installed , after some time it has decided to give itself some small pops with the occasional bigger bang which can be audibly heard.(the car on occasion may also give off almost an egg...
  4. J

    Exhaust/flexi/subframe 197

    Advice needed… I have a 197 and just had it in the garage for exhaust. The mechanic tried to modify it so it doesn’t constantly hit the subframe but was unable. Also the flex is leaking so will need new front part of the exhaust from manifold with flex pipe to middle section. Struggling to find...
  5. JToroPaz

    Scorpion Decat Pipe Dimensions

    Quick question someone might be able to answer, I need to know the length of the mk2 clio Scorpion decat pipe, I can’t find the info on here or anywhere online Can anyone help us out? That’s the part to...
  6. T

    Which silencer to remove? Clio mk3

    I have a standard 1.2 Mk3 and I wanted to remove one of the silencers. Just wondered which one I should remove, mid or back. What would sound better?
  7. C

    Better Exhaust

    I had a clio 182 with a scorpion exhaust which was great around town and b roads but a bit of a drone on the motorway. I now have a 182 trophy which has been restored to out of the box spec and the original spec exhaust is erm well silent. Barely a rasp until about 5500 revs then its a bit dull...
  8. avstar1

    Help identify this stealth exhaust on a 172

    I've not seen anything like it before and theirs no markings or clues. Stealth with no resonator box and almost looks like a one piece jobbie...
  9. L

    Exhaust too loud!

    Hi, looking for some advice and possibly exhausts for sale. I've just bought a clio 182 with a scorpion single silencer non resonated exhaust, also with a decat and it's well too loud, deafening. So considering my options -adding in a silencer on the straight part of the pipe and / or replacing...
  10. N

    Installed a downpipe with 200Cell Catalyst on Clio 4 Trophy

    Hey all! Lurker here, decided to post a video of my Clio 4 Trophy with Akrapovic and a downpipe installed just today, just so that anyone wondering can hear what this car is capable of. I was pretty astonished when I heard it first, and definitely worth the money haha. Sounds alot like my...
  11. Jacpac5

    MK3 Clio TCE performance exhaust

    There's quite a few threads already but most of them seem to be from a couple years back now unfortunately. I was looking to see where I can get a good exhaust that's a bit more free flowing for the TCE.
  12. JKeillor94

    Exhaust gasket

    Need to change the exhaust gasket on my 2011 mk3, it sounds like its leaking air. Is it a pain in the ass to do? 1.2 16v non turbo (D7F engine)
  13. James Marchment


    My 182 with itbs is failing track noise limits. What is the exhaust diameter? I need to get a silencer welded in. Manifold back is standard fitment Please help!!!
  14. J

    Mk3 200 Exhaust Advice Needed.

    My mk3 clio 200 has a Scorpion cat-back exhaust, however I am getting an engine light for the post cat lambda sensor. I have bought a Bosch replacement althought the current sensor is fused into the cat and we are unable to remove, if we were to do so it would twist and possibly snap the housing...
  15. C

    Exhaust Width for 1.2 TCE

    Hi there! I’ve got a 2010 Renault Clio TCE and I want to a valved Exhaust. All of the kits for them are in inches and I don’t know how wide it is. I’m planning on putting the exhaust cut out in the mid pipe. I think it’s 40mm but I think that might be for the older cars? If anyone could let...
  16. ClioDude55

    Bike muffler on clio

    I have a 1,2 16v and thinking about doing a 2-3 inch pipe after the cat, that goes down to the original exhaust size with a bike muffler. Has anyone tried a bike muffler on a car/Clio? ?
  17. 1

    Can anyone identify this exhaust back box?

    Thinking of getting this exhaust as it’s cheap but the owner doesn’t know the brand. Looks a bit like a miltek but not sure. Don’t want to buy any unbranded junk thanks!
  18. I

    Want a nice exhaust system for my 172

    My 172 is currently fitted with some kind of chav box! Have had a quick search online but can’t seem to find anything? What’s the best / quietest / most hidden exhaust available that won’t destroy the bank? I was leaning towards wanting a ktec stealth (resonated?) but I couldn’t find one...
  19. 1

    What’s people’s preferences on aftermarket exhaust vs standard?

    Looking to get an aftermarket kit like a 192 scorpion or something els like it (not to loud) however apart from a rattle that I think is just the shield there’s nothing wrong with the standard exhaust. Is it worth changing?
  20. 1

    Wanting a new stainless exhaust but not to loud for my 182

    I’ve found one I like but would like to know if they are any good it’s brand new from an eBay shop it’s £199 reduced from £299 But there’s no make or anything so I can’t do much research. Would or has anyone bought a cheap one on eBay if so is it any good or should I save up and get a well...
  21. B

    Clio 1.6 vvt gt exhaust help

    Hi guys, I’m going to buy a 1.6 Clio vvt gt as my first car and am just wondering what I can do to make the exhaust louder. I’ve seen there aren’t really any exhausts available and the only way I have seen to make it louder is a “silencer removal”. I’m not too sure how I would go about doing...
  22. A

    Decatted but needs MOT

    Hello guys, I have recently bought a 172 sport cup and it has a toyo stainless manifold 4-2-1 which runs straight to a 3” power flow system that goes to a small rear silencer and exits the car. It also has no 02 sensor so the engine warning light appears on the dash I am wondering what people...
  23. N

    Best Exhaust for my Renaultsport Clio 1.6vvt Gordini

    So I have recently bought a Renaultsport Clio 1.6vvt Gordini 2011 and would like the car to have a slightly louder pop. Don't want to spend too much money if I can help it but could I have some recommendations please? Also whilst I'm here what other modifications would you all recommend for...
  24. N

    Best back box for Clio mk2 1.2

    Hi there, had my Clio mk2 1.2 for about 6 months now and i’m doing small mods to make it a bit more exciting (it’s my first car). I’m looking for a back box to improve the sound the car makes, I just want something with a little oomph to please my ears but one that’s not going to drone when I...
  25. PhillipM

    Uprated poly exhaust mounts - how many interested?

    Hi all, some of you might have seen my posts in Rich's thread about poly exhaust mounts - I made a simple version of these when my brother used to have a Clio because it kept killing mounts, just a set we glued in, and they lasted until he sold it - but after reading the thread I spent a bit of...
  26. D

    Clio 182 exhaust

    I have a standard 2005 RB182. Once o have freshened up the suspension and brakes etc I am wanting to put a cat back on. I want something that isn't screaming in my ear all the time but still gives pop and a bang now and again. Any recommendations?
  27. sam55

    Yozza - adding a centre section silencer

    I'm wanting to lower the volume of my 182's Yozzsport cat back exhaust system because I'm getting old. My question is has anyone ever welded in a silencer to the centre section of the original Yozza exhaust system? If yes, how does it affect the volume and tone? I'm assuming such a mod would...
  28. akiller

    Stainless backbox replacement (182 Trophy)

    Hi all, Noticed my car sounding a bit boomy when I was half way to work this morning. Arrived to find one of the silencers had dropped off en route :confused:. I've done a search but come up with a myriad of suggestions. I want something quiet and not boomy for use as a daily driver (so no...
  29. Carlos_2017

    Exhaust hanging kinda low in the centre section

    Hiya lads/ladies, I’ve noticed a ‘sag’ in my exhaust around the centre section. It’s a Ph2 172, with the standard manifold, Ktec Decat pipe and ktec super sport stealth system. I changed the manifold fitting Kit upon installing decat, I am yet to change the exhaust mounts/hangers but wondered...
  30. Carlos_2017


    Hi everyone, Only me again, with the simple questions. Will I need to change my manifold on my 172 in order to decat? I mean, I have a decat pipe and recently ordered a stealth system, but have no idea whether everything will match up Cheers, Carlos.