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exhaust question


Right i recently fitted a new back box to my scorpion exhaust as the baffle in the first box became loose, now about 2 months later the baffle has started to come loose in the second back box, so thats two back boxes in about 9 months........... so im a little annoyed.....

firstly, has anyone else suffered this problem.

secondly, im now looking at the magnex or mongoose cat back zorst cos im so very fed up with scorpion. has anyone got either of these zorsts fitted to there 16v and if so how do they sound? and how do they fit, the scorpion tends to droop down around the centre section so another reason to get rid........ has anyone experienced any problems with these exhausts?? or any recomendations to a good stainless exhaust, that fits really well and sounds nice and throaty??

please help, well it is christmas!! ;)

  clio 20v

ive got the mongoose which is very well made and has a nice sound and is also quite popular on the clio 16v

problems are tryin to stop it from rattling on the suspension especially if lowered, you have to mess with it quite a lot and have the tailpipe sticking out quite a bit. mine rattled for ages but its all sorted now

the magnex has a smaller tailpipe but magnexs are very well made and should give you no problems there, col004 has one on his williams and the tailpipe doesnt stick out from the bumper but his isnt lowered, but it doesnt rattle


I got a Devil system on mine. Got it fitted at a "friends" garage...
Rattled, leaked and couldnt go over humps! Idiot!

Then took it to Kwik Fit ;)... had to cut a couple of inches to fit PROPERLY and now is perfect!


is your car lowered?? i cant go over speed humps properly with my car cos the scorpion droops so low, also the car is lowered so this doesnt help.........whats the fit like underneath does it sit up nice and high or does it too droop around the centre section??

ben j, again whats the fit like of the k tec zorst?? can it clear speed humps and is your car lowered??

cheers guys, i just dont want to make the mistake of buying another poo exhaust!!