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Exploding gearbox update




2nd gearbox in 9 months to explode i had it serviced at a non renault dealer (stupid i know) so its out of warranty (it was in warranty for the last gearbox)

renault have agreed an 80% contibution to the repair

£200-£300 cost to me

is this the best im gonna get?

i mean the servicing had no effect on the box and the fault is exactly the same as last time (faulty housing)

or should i just pay up and forget about it?


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Probably nothing to do with the service, more likely the constant thrashing you give your car Tom. Cant imagine that changing a filter and oil is going to wreck your box!

Take more care of your car.:eek:

Have you tryed customer services - this line about service not being done at dealer is a cop out.

The service would not cause the housing to crack.

Just checked in a trade Mag - Aftermarket

Renault have a parts advert in offering Manual gearboxes at RRP - £259.00

Trade - £220.15

Prices ex VAT.

Looks like you are getting stitched up if you still have to pay £200-300

Part number - 7701352098 Application Clio 1.2 no other details shown

At least but theyve budged, but this could be an admission of fault on their front, so push them!

Could you feel the gearbox going before it went? Should i look out for anything?


You said:

Quote: Originally posted by tomclio1.2 on 19 February 2003

i mean the servicing had no effect on the box and the fault is exactly the same as last time (faulty housing)

If its exactly the same, they didnt fix it properly. And, since when did servicing effect parts? Its a f**king check and test, what could they of done to break it themselves? You know the answer, and so do Renault, so you should present that fact to them. If it wasnt blatantly their c**k up they wouldnt of paid anything would they? What position is the person your speaking to at the garage?

I would go back to the origional dealer that did the repair if possible, dont mention the gearbox and ask if they garauntee their work if you brought your car in. If they say "yes we do, for 12 months" tell him you are bringing your car back as the gearbox they fitted is now knackered and you want it done under their warranty?

Still cant see any reason why they can cop out if the service was done by a non renault garage, since when do they strip and check the gearbox every service?

Good luck

Find out from your local dealer the part number for the unit. Ring around other dealers in the country and get the price and removal and refit times confirmed. (Ask on this site for dealer numbers i am sure the members will provide.)Then ask your dealer for a breakdown of costs - how much they are charging for labour and the unit. Compare them. If there is big differences take up with renault. if there are paying 80% that make the total bill £1000-1200!!!!!

Other wise ask renault c/s what warranty is offerd on a replacement box - normally 12/24 months. ask them if the warranty is void if the car is serviced anywhere else other than the dealer. and see what they say. if they say that the warranty isnt affected then report the dealer.
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Why did the gearboxs break ?? do they know the cause?:confused:

Dont cain the car in first as it wrecks boxs, and to break a 1.2 box twice is pretty mad:devilish:

All you lot who like doing 0-60 runs shouldnt expect your boxes to last that long lol booooooooom:eek:
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Hi Tom.

Glad to see you are making a bit of progress with the box saga.

Renaults contribution of 80% is quite a good offer I think, especially as you have had the car serviced outside the network. As you are to pay some towards the cost of replacement you will also get a warranty with the new box for 12 months.

Good luck!




Cheers guys but i think im gonna have to pay up on this one

and then maybe if i can be assed i will try and get the money back

if they want you to pay 20% and thats gonna be 280.00 total repair bill is £1400.00, ask them if its for an exchange or new box. might be cheaper if theyt use an exchange box. If you do end up making a contributution, you will then have a 12 mth warranty on that part!



its a brand spanking new unit- which is nice

1.2 owners i wouldnt worry too much

i think it was my fault 6500rpm in first too much:D (this time anyway)

Well I do that several times a day (nosing the limiter in every gear!) when Im having my many traffic light grand prix, and my gearbox seems to be still in one piece...! Youve got me worried now tho!

tom my clio 1.2 gear box failed and only just a few weeks ago so did my cups!!! the cups fault had something to do with driving the car off the kerb i think! but my 1.2 box failed as i was wheel spinning it(well bouncing the frount end) this caued the housing to fail on the bottom end ! there a very thin casting!