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External temperature guage wobble?!

My outside temperature gauge is on the blink showing 17 celsius today!
Does anyone know where it's located & if it's simple enough to change?
  Iceberg Ph1
Not sure on ease of changing, but I'm pretty sure it just plugs into a block connection, its located on the underside of the passenger side wing mirror, little black nipple that pokes out
  Audi A3
dont take the glass off! the plastic cover on the front will pop off, its clipped on!
the thermostat bit in the wing wirror is wired in and connected by 2 wires. i looked at changing mine and thought hmm! as looks like a re-wire job possibley
O.K. Tried removing the front cover on the wing mirror with a small flat-blade but didn't want to damage the main casing. How easily does this cover clip off before I have another try & end up breaking it?


ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
did u sort this out mines reading anywhere between 17 and 40 when its fooking snowing