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Extremely Confused!!

  98 106 GTi
Am I seeing things here, or does this clio have weird back end?
  Clio Renault Sport
In Russia it's a very popular car. It called Renault Symbol. Old ladys like them.
But it's a fully s**t...
i wreckon someone should go buy one you could actually put an evo spoiler on the back of that! fron end of chassis should be the same so you can drop a 182 lump in and fabricate the exhaust up, wish i didnt already have a project lol sklyine lights in the back ...... paint it black
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
This reminds me of an episode of postmanpat, when he gets a new car... i was confused bak in the day lol :)
lol nasty remember seeing these on holiday.....

i walked past and was like hang on, the car should stop after the rear doors

anyways trully horrific