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Eye-Fi: Genius

Firstly, this clearly has limited use for us, but it's seriously genius in my opinion. If you happened to spend a lot of time in NYC or travelling across America it could be pretty cool...

Basically a 2GB SD card with built in Wi-Fi, when you are in range of a Wayport your photos automatically start uploading to Smugmug (or Flickr, or Facebook, or loads of other image hosting sites), if you walk away it remembers where it was and resumes when you go back to one, it also Geotags your photos. Although it's compatible with all cameras that use SD, the Nikon D90 already has it built into its menus (currently the only camera to do so) so you can adjust settings for it in the normal camera menu

Just checked and there are 8 Wayports within 0 miles of my hotel in NYC (basically every McDonalds is Wayport enabled, loads of hotels and airports are also covered)

Obviously of limited/no use to us UK folk at the moment, but imo it offers an interesting glimpse into the future, and is pretty cool if you have a lot of US city breaks.
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The home one would be pretty cool here.

Just come home with camera, put the kettle on and your photos are already being uploaded. :)