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F.A.O anyone going to York 25th

  172 & LCR

There are a lot of us meeting at Washington services at 07:30 and then down to meet 2live and mates at ferrybridge services for about 08:45 to 09:00 please post on the meetings forum if your interested.

I think a few of us will be staying over night in York - so we should be up nice and early(late) for a a good session!!!

Dave - does this means that your out for some bevies? Sorry for being dumb but WhoTF are boro?


Rich, yeah Ill go and cause trouble in Historic York with you again.

Boro are Middlesbrough FC, If you fancy a watching the game thats where I will be on Sat afternoon.
  mk2 172

im goin, not sure what time im setting off but will be goin nice and early though to try and find some bait on that lovely country road between howden and the dragway! what way do you guys go as ill be gettin on the m62 off the a19 near eggbrough power station(the one after ferrybridge)