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My black phase 1 project.


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  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
Afternoon all,
It is with a heavy heart that I type this, but it's a needs must.
Long story short lost my employment and the clio is stored at my old yard and needs to be shifted by the end of May and realistically I can't see me finishing it due to various constraints at present.
To give a brief overview of the car it's a pearl black phase 1, got around 116k miles on it when I last had the battery hooked up, no history and 2 keys, HPI clear. The intent was to restore it fully
and stash it away, it's about 80% done.

Bits Done;
Shell is totally rot free, I've had brand new sills put in (inner, middle and outer) any rot was cut out and fresh metal in. Filler cap had very minor bubbling around the hinge and was shot blasted and painted. Undersid was stripped of all it's parts, fuel tank and all, then was ground back, treated, epoxy primered and received a course of dinitrol, the shell solidity wise is minty mint and protected for many years to come.
Full suspension refresh comes with the car, I have standard springs and a set of h&r springs I got used from a fellow forum member so your choice, but the h&r's would need a touch of paint.
Set of mint oz f1's with centre caps recently powder coated with matching hankook v12's all around with good tread, also comes with a set of ns2r's with brilliant tread.
New zinc-copper brake lines have been made for the front (abs box to the arch) and the long ones that run the underside of the car, originals are included and are fine but the flare nuts are buggered. Full braided line kit is also included from the hard line to calliper and has a rear beam hardline delete.
I have a genuine cam belt kit with all new hardware, genuine Renault timing tools, full genuine service kit, new tie rods, new arb bushes, new 3 piece luke clutch kit, new aux belt tensioner, new coolant bottle new rad type D coolant to go along with it also, new everything basically! Engines had a new sump gasket also.
Genuine Renault calipers on the car, and have a full big red rebuild kit, sliders and all.

To do;
The point where I packed up last time was when I snapped the stud in the exhaust camshaft, this needs extracting and the new stud put in (new genuine Renault stud and bolt included) then obviously engine belting up. (When I first had the car it had near perfect 200psi across all cylinders, seems a really health motor)
Basically just wants putting back together, everything is there, most bolts have been put back into where they came from as I've taken it apart.

Things I would have liked to do;
In my mind I wanted it pristine, so to do that I was going to have the glass out and have the the whole car sprayed as well as the engine bay done again as the job I have done just isn't as perfect as I wanted it.
The subframe, arb, rear beam and calipers have all been blasted and painted by myself, they look more than presentable however to make it pristine I would have liked them powder coated, but just personal preference.
The steering rack, gearbox and drive shafts haven't been painted, they are the last two items that haven't been cleaned up and painted, but again nothing wrong with them as they stand they are just a but grubby.
Whilst mentioning the drive shafts I should also note I haven't purchased front wheel bearings or cv boots, nothing wrong with the current ones, but they were on my list I just haven't purchased them yet.

All in all the car could be put back together and on the road no issues, I would love for it to go to someone who shares my vision for it and will finish it off and make it perfect. I really don't want to stick it on ebay, nor do I want to have to part it out. I'm well aware I've sunk more money and time into it than I am ever going to get back from it hence why I've put this in here not the for sale sections as I have no idea what its worth to someone.
If anyone is seriously interested in taking this on don't hesitate to contact me or make an offer. I'm sure there is a lot I have missed and it would be more beneficial for any interested parties to come and have a look. I shall also link the build thread so you can have a look at what's been done so far.


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
wrong section mate, and no price?
I know it is, like I said above I really don't know what to price it at so thought I would post it in here to see if anyone is interested, not sure if that was the right or wrong was to go about it 🤷‍♀️