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F.A.O Craggy and anyone who knows


just wondering what youve done to your willy to make it under 7secs for 0-60 from standard.

P.S forget the brakes, your new ones dont sound too hot bummer.
  mk2 172

first you fek all mate, mines got a scorpion exhaust and no cat. just exceedingly fast!, only makes standard power on rollers and redlines about 6.5k so no suspicion of previous mods, just goes like the stink for some reason

  Clio 197

The little buggers are just plain quick. I got a big thumbs up from a guy in an E46 M3 at the ring on Saturday. I pulled about 200m on him over the 20km but we were dead even most of the way. And not just in the twisty bits! And that is with 171,000km, no mods, sh*te tyres and original dampers...

Now he might not have been the best driver out there but he was no slouch and was familiar with the track. We passed and repassed a few time in traffic and had a ball.

My valver will do 0-60 in under 7s(under 6s down hill ) and 0-100 in under 18s, I have no idea if it had any work done to it, no receipts for any work came wid it and Ive never had it on a RR, but it does seem fast, raced another standard valver up hill, he was alone, I had a mate wid me and I was backing off to avoid hitting him, so I wouldnt be suprised if it had been tweaked.

No funky graphs though Im affraid.

Cheers, Simon

yeah my willy is all standard. it does seem quick off the line, faster then 7 seconds thats for sure, might change the exhaust system at later date, put a full magnex system on or sommat.

Cheers for info.

i really wanna go against a williams to see the difference never had the chance yet. ill be back on the road soon too.

Its no good claiming these 0-60 times its all a bit max power like. If you timed it with a stopwatch, forget it as it will be false. Get to a 1/4 mile or trax or on a correctly set up ap-22 these are the only ways to be sure, ive seen so many claims and so many dissapointed faces when the find out how it really performs

Im not even convinced with the AP 22! I wouldnt trust it 100%, unless fully setup with correct data. That means going thru the configuration methods explained in the manual. Biggest waste of £200 Ive ever spent!!

There is no way a standard valver will do under 7 secs, period. Even the willy will struggle to hit mid 7s dont kid yourself boys youll only end up upset, ive found its always best to be consevative with performance figures.


  Shiny red R32

Graggy, when you are in downtown Hamilton, do you take your Willy or are you a van man whilst there?

I am just picturing you in your Craggy kilt and tartan bonnet with the ginger wig attached!


Lets see I paid £200 for it, its in perfect condition, hmmm £95!!

Not selling it anyway, Im going to see if I can configure it properly next time I go to crail!
  williams and trophy

i can vouch for a standard willy being faster than the 172s ........ ive raced enough of em down the track at york to know lol
and they give a low 7 second for a 172 to 60 dont they?? so the willys must be high 6s cos mine trounces em off the line


From your own experience the Williams is faster than a 172. Fine. Ever thought maybe you are just a better driver?

I dont deny the Williams is a fantastic machine and I give em a lot of respect. But to say you can reliably trounce a 172 is stretching it a bit aint it? I wouldve expected them to be pretty equal with whoever was the better driver winning the day...

Straight out of the original Williams sales brochure it quotes "0-62 mph (0-100 kph) 7.8 secs". The 172 Mk1 sales brochure gives "0-62 mph (0-100 kph) 7.2 secs" and Mk2 says "0-62 mph (0-100 kph) 7.1 secs". All of these times have been bettered by various magazine reviews over the years, so they are all feckin fast: These figures suggest that any of these cars could win given a good driver and that (shock, horror) the 172 should find it easier to win if driven well...

Just my opinion though...