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F**king Clio

Just left work , jumped in my car F**ker decides not to start
felt a right knob had to get the boys to push
Bump started it drove 20 miles home parked up still no joy

F**ker i know it could be the alternator but on a w-reg car
this seems crap, 35 k on my 172.

it going to renault tomorrow quick smart, what a pain in the arse

Possilble starter motor , alternator, or the bloody immobilizer

What do you people think

  CTR EK9 turbo

did the engine turn over at all, or, when you turned the key, did all the dash lights/clock lights turn off?

few possibilites -

the immobiliser cable came loose on mine disabling me from starting the engine. Locate this by following the big cluster of wires leading into the ECU down towards the silvery metal plate with "JC etc" written on it, there should be some insulated wires in that weird plastic covering, give em a wiggle. - also, with regards to the immob, the car has to recognise your key when its inserted, so if you hold it into the start position for longer than you think it may start it. Mine did this yesterday, i tried to start it normally, but it only worked when i held it in the start position, as if i was turning the engine over, and then it suddenly turned the engine and worked.
Maybe its ya alternator?
Could it be the starter motor? bendicks spring?