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F4r 746 build

Hello i am new to the forum. Worked as a mechanic for a number of years so have some knowledge. I bought another engine a f4r 746 that I would like to build with a little more power. 150/170 hp would be enough.

The engine is for racing/autocross on a dirt track. Competitions are about endurance in which 2x an hour is driven.

can you help me with the following points.

Think of replacing camshafts of a clio rs 172 to get a little more power. As ecu i have the original and a megasquirt. Any better ideas?

Is the standard Distribution reliable enough. and is conversion to crankshaft spie recommended?

Are the connecting rods, bolts and bearings original renault reliable enough?

jc5 gearbox with standard circlip plate is mounted. Is that enough or is the reinforcement also necessary in the gearbox?

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance for your answers.


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