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faded red

  106 GTi
A good chemical cleaner like as suggested above Klasse AIO works great on oxidisation on single stage red. Of the shelf Autoglym Super Resin works well.
  Fiat Coupe 20vt
By hand as above Klasse All In One would be your best bet. By PC I used menzerna Intensive Polish (PO91L) followed by Final Finish (PO85RD) on a red/pink calibra and it brought it up a treat:


my brother has a red polo, and when it fades, he uses t-cut, comes up a treat... but think we will PC it next time it turns pink lol
Thats the one! Shame DW is down though as the thread had some more before pics showing just how light pink/almost white the car was before.
  clio 172
182_blue said:
what car is it smokiedee , is it the clio 14.rt ?

yeah it's the 1.4 rt. thanks for all the advice i'll give the t-cut a try as it's not faded as bad as the porshe. lol cheers
DONT use t-cut. It's way too aggressive just for removing oxidation and most people are too aggressive/liberal with it or more often than not both. Use something like Classe AIO or Autoglym SRP like the guys have suggested. You wont end up destroying the paint with either of those.