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FAO All Cliosport Area Co-ordinators

  BMW 320d Sport

Can you all please email me with your current email addresses? I need to make sure were up to date, and see how things are going with you all...

  clio 20v

id like to nominate BRUN for north west area co-ordinator!

hes made a good job of organising the rr day so hes ideal candidate for the job

an brun mate if ya dont want to do it its tough lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS

so, specifically, what do the area co-ordinators do ?

organise a monthly meet and local events ?.......also get people organised for club events so all the peeps from the same area can travel together ?.......stuff like that ?


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

yep, stuff just like that. Im sure Nick can give you more details...