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FAO Anders

Youre not the guy in Sheffield who I always see driving round in either a Silver V6 or a Williams 2 are you? Always parks outside the Leadmill??? Sorry if youre not, but there cant be many people out there with such a combination of cars!

  Williams 2, STi N12

Sorry guys..I live down near Brighton but work in Worthing. Plus the V6 is one of the company pool technically it isnt actually mine but I get to give it a good hiding every now and again. The Willy is more or less standard as that is the way I intend to keep it - apart from the almost must of a K&N and full magnex, with uprated stoppers. Reckon its sweet enough like that.
  Williams 2, STi N12

OK, but I moved down here from Ilkley nr Leeds, so I have no idea where Pulborough is..sorry. Will find out though.

Rhys, thought I told you I know KOOs sister?

Didnt realise that he lived just out of Broomhill, near Broomgrove Rd.

Ah well, never mind. Was going to try and wangle a ride and a race with a V6

Tim - You said you had got talking to here, but no sign of her brother. BTW, I think Ive seen his Williams parked up outside a house near King Teds school, but dont know the name of the road. Might go and sticker his car if its there next time I pass!

  Williams 2, STi N12

BenR - give me a shout when you get from HK, it would be good to meet up sometime. You back for the Aug 3rd meet?

Yes Rhys thats the road I mean. Through the lights straight on on a one way residential street and it on your right as you go down?

Saw it there this morning....

i wont be back till the 2nd of october, and them im straight into fixing my clio door.

Do you know anywhere i can fill my N20 tanks in sussex?

itll be cool to meet.