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FAO anyone with Greenlight

Called them up today and they said they cant insure with me with my decat as its "illegal..." Anyone with them AND decatted?

On the plus side, only an extra £45 for panel filter and remap.

Its up 2 u m8, i may just have got the right guy on the end of the phone but its one of those do i risk it decisions???

Right then, Ill give them a buzz back again saying that some other Clio owners have had decats declared without any fuss. Cheers Ady, love ya xx

Called them up today and let them know that other people that are insured with them with decats and the bloke said fair enough. They have dealt with decatted Scoobs for years and have never had a claim thrown out because of a decat BUT if it went down to technicalities, the claim may not go through...

Still got to let them know of the BHP increase though...