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If you need a new key fob….

  Renault Clio 182
…. Then don’t go to Renault! My 182 only came with 1 working key, and the other would manually unlock the doors but wouldn’t start the car or remotely lock unlock. I tried a few things to try and get it working but no success. The key looked a bit worse for wear so i thought id just buy a new key. Ordered one last week and booked the car in with them for a 30min appointment. Had a call today to say that Renault no longer supply them. Discontinued……. So if you have the same issue as me, you probably need to find someone to try to repair it, or buy an immobiliser bypass…..
Crazy. I know they are old but not THAT old surely to have the keys discontinued!

If anyone knows of a good repair company for keys or another solution please let me know!
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
Surely there's after market supplied ones that are coded in.

I had a dude pop round to make me a new Vw T5 keyfob the other day, so I have 1 genuine original and 2 aftermarket ones added on..
  Renault Clio 182
Yeah ok i’ll look into that, cheers. I still think its ridiculous that Renault have discontinued them.


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
buy a cheap second hand fob on ebay, take it to renotech chelmsford and they will code it for £25
  Renault Clio 182
Yeah i guess. They don’t seem
That old to me. Probably a sign that im the thing that is getting old 😂


ClioSport Club Member
  Valvers & 172 Cup
Yeah ok i’ll look into that, cheers. I still think its ridiculous that Renault have discontinued them.
They're legally obliged to continue supplying parts for 10 years after the last of a particular car is made, after that it's down to good luck & they're basically allowed to give you the middle finger
  Renault Clio 182
You can get a new key fob with blank blade from Amazon for £12. You just need to find somewhere that can code it and cut the blade. I've never bought one so can't vouch for the quality. But for 12 quid it's got to worth a punt if you need one.

Cheers, i contacted Ren-o-tec in Chelmsford who can supply and code one so its booked in with them for the key and rough idle issues…. So i’ll let you know how i get on!