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FAO Arjun

Arju. Have lost your e-mail address can you send me an e-mail through my website I want to send you an update on the 172 induction kit. Progress is being made.

Nick, Im sure a few of us on here are awaiting information from Arjun, any chance you can post the info/update here ?

By fluke I called NH today and in searching for an old thread to post on found this one!

I seems that Jamie has the HP IK fitted and the fuelling sorted and has done a couple of hundred miles so far.....Im booking in my car ASAP for the refitting of the IK & fuelling adjustment.

Jamie feedback *please* - but I hear it revs more freely and seems to pull all the way to the redline.....


I have been looking into the HP Kit.. and all I can say is......

it WORKS,, its bloody good looking, bloody great sounding, and Nick can sort the fueling out no probs -NB !! needs to be done on an individual basis to suit your car and spec. - YOU CANNOT DO IT YOURSELF.

you aint seen me recommend any induction kits yet.. but this one is the poodles privates, the mutts nuts... the BIZZ !! IT WORKS EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD

Nick is one hell of a guy who is THE guru on reno tuning..



worth waiting for.. a PROPERLY developed and tested system..

I am even going to run one whilst awaiting the turbo mods...

AND.. it WILL be fitted to the trubo unit.. it is that bloody good !.


ps........ can ya tel I like it !

  Skoda Fabia vRS

my god, didnt think id see you recommend ANY induction kits

wonder if BenR likes it lol

when Ben gets the RR graphs showing a worthwhile increase (per quid spent), and fueling needs sorted out.. and, has the papers to hand.. I will, of course, recommend that too......


ps.... Ben is doing a superb job !!.. I admire his drive and determination, he will no doubt>/b> succeed.. and.... have the goodies and data to show it. Its still in development yet.. but soon, I am sure.

capt...i thin togeher..we could convince peole of anything! haha!
but its nice to see your recommend something!!! LOL

I have not seen the HP kit yet.

is it still based no a ramair large foam filter straight on the TB link pipe, with a half open glassfibre heat sheild and feed pipe at the bottom?

i admire people wo do testing a research and have results to show......otherwise, there is no believing them!!

BTW, reading a chinese tunning mag today, and they showed a graph with a 8bhp increase over std. what did this!? a single power cable!!! huh? from what i couls ee in the pics, it was an extra earth lead from the head! hahaha!! balls.