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Ben M8.. was going to post to ask if you had fallen off the mortal coil !!!.

check the post on cam timing for 172.. intersting stuff.. only 234 duration inlet, 225 exhaust..


im a bit silly because ive been drinking some very nice rotten apples!

Benn in teh outalying islands! basing in teh cheap beer, fresh seafood and ace weatehr...oh and girls aint too bad

Ive been so busy and there hasnt been anything too interesting (well, for me). But i just saw your post...Here i come to save the day!

BTW, ive been spending my time arugueing with some pug owners on technical items where they get it all mixed up.....but ill tak in the cam post. cya in a min or 2

Spot on my man,

good to see u both yesterday.


ps. sorry no CrackerJack pencil for you, youre car is well too clean