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FAO Capt Slarty...........RE Ecotek

  Skoda Fabia vRS

right, after all your discussion about this thing i decided to take my car for a drive, but with mine turned OFF

now, here is the result

my car feels, now i can only think to describe it as more solid ??....i also think it does need more air, it feels slightly restricted, no doubt the ecotek was providing the extra air it needed

anywayz, i have found something out, you know the problem i was telling you about, my return to idle thing, well, its GONE, it seems the cause of this was the ecotek grrrrrrr, im gonna send it back for a replacement, as i DO like the Ecotek, i just cant have it doin this all the time as its damn annoying

oh an if you dont believe me ill take u for a drive at the RR day an im certain you will feel the difference with it on and off
  Skoda Fabia vRS

by the way ive just spoke to a guy at Ecotek and he said to tighten it slightly more, if it doesnt solve it he will send me a replacement

Hi Brun m8..

so, the idle was caused by the snake oil huh

You say.. no doubt the ecotek was providing the extra air it needed

I say.. not likely m8 !!

disconnect the battery, leave it for 15 mins, then connect again (Make sure you have the radio code !)

then, with the snake oil OFF or removed.. go for another run..

  Skoda Fabia vRS

hey Joe, it seems the guy at Ecotek was right, ive tightened it up a bit more and the car is runnin fine now
  BMW 320d Sport

AFAIK battery disconnect doesnt reset the ECU at all or have any effect on an older Clio. The ECU is about as complicated as a pocket calculator.

Nick, the ecu is a superb device.. If you have done something silly, like fit an ecotek, then it is advisable to reset the ecu when you see the light and remove said ecotek

It will make no difference unless the base info / adaption tables have been changed by engine mods or alleged mods..

It will adapt after 20-30 mins anyway, but to notice the lack of difference, you need to reset it prior to the test.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

hmmmm ok, until i receive the new spring im gonna turn my Ecotek off and reset the ECU, the idle thing is buggin me

so the ecu will adjust anyway?
y reset it then? just leave it. disconnect it for 20 odd mins and have to code in ya stereo and set it all back up or just drive around for 1/2 hour.. know which one id choose
  Skoda Fabia vRS

based on my experiences today and yesterday, it DOES reset the ECU, or at least a part of it