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FAO Captain Slarty-how much

do u no how much the 172 pistons are? and is the piston that give the increased compression(11:1) or cylinder head design? cheers


Isnt the compression ratio a combination of the head, pistons, crank and blah blah. Not really sure hehe. Capt could you please grace us with your wisdom


comp ratio is simply the volume of a full cylinder (inc. combustion chamber) divided by the volume of the compressed volume.

the 172 pistons and willy pistons r useless on the stock 1.8 crank, because theyd stop about 5mm from the top of the bore! so id need a 2litre crank. i can keep the same rods, jsut use 2litre crank and pistons.



if they stoped short of teh block then that would mean willy/172 pistons have a lower crown right?

so, the 1.8 pistons give a higher comp ratio if used on the 2ltr crank right?, the willy/172 pistons would give stock 2ltr compression on the 2ltr crank then!

doesnt make sense.