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FAO Captain Slarty

Hi, can you do me a really big favour.

I noticed on one of your previous posts that you have access to the renault diagrams for the 172 mk2.

Is there a diagram showing the methods of attatchment for the front bumper and wings.

I pranged my car yesterday and the front bumper is undamaged but needs to be remounted, I have to replace the wing though - gutted.

Thank you

Joe - sorry to barge in on this thread, but I didnt want to start yet another "FOA Capt. Slarty" thread.

A couple of months ago you mentioned that it would be fairly cheap to give the front wheels some negative camber. Coupla questions:

1) How expensive?

2) My tyres get killed in 6000 miles or so, so I dont mind if it increases wear, but how bad will that extra wear on the tyres be?

3) Would it be possible to put the camber back to normal when taking it to the dealers for warranty work and would the dealers be able to spot the work and cancel the warranty?

4) Ive seen you offer to do this sort of work yourself to help fund your turbo project.....want to give me a quote?! ;)

Cheers dude,


not wanting to take business away from you capt, but you can buy offset bolts to replace the std strut/hub bolts.....varying degrees of camber.....

no need to mod parts then!

about 19 quid for teh bolts (one deg setting) and there from renault sport, as used on the cliocup race cars.

Absolutely, yes, the bolts can be fabriacted..

but, they DONT allow CASTER adjustment...

Rhys m8.. the scrubbing is partially caused by understeer, remove - or reduce, the tendancy, and the wear decreases.. its all a balance really.

the mods wouldnt be noticable by the average reno muppet..

Probably about 100 squid for a pair of modified suspemsion arms.. fitting ??.. if you bring it to me, about 25-30 squid a side.

thats +3 degrees caster (ala Cup) and plus 1.5 degrees negative camber.


Thanks for the info BenR. Good news that you can just buy these things.

Joe - if you dp the mods, can I have a "SlartyPower" sticker made up for the side of the car?! ;) If you can do it for under £200 all in then I would be love to have you test your theories out on my suspension :D.

(a) when would you be able to do it and (b) would you be able to get hold of the necessary parts if I give you the money? I always end up buying the wrong thing :eek:.


Lol Rhys, thanks for the confidence m8 !

Let me get hold of the arms and arrange machining, will let ya know soon.

me thinks a Inverse Tachyion Powered sticker may be better...

or.... my favourite..... "SLATFATF"

(So Long, and thanks for all the fish)

Joe :)

No problems Joe -any man who has the confidence to rearrange and rebuild the engine in his own brand new car is welcome to work on my car. In fact, it should be compulsory for all mechanics to prove they have done something crazy with a turbo to their own property.

When you find the price for the parts let me know and Ill arrange to transfer the money to you so you can get them.



um......well i was.......

but doug beat me last time i was in him..........he doesnt semm to like it.

Joe - yes. Not read them for a while now but classic books all of them. RIP Douglas Adams :sick::( My first computer game was a text version of Hitch Hikers Guide on a BBC B. Wasnt as good as the books!