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FAO. Captain Slarty

Sorry, Si, yep.. I have several new sets if you want them.. you need to check the stem diameter though..

what is it on the 16v as I hae not got the data handy ??. you may find that they wont fit as is.

I thought the stems on the F4R ones are smaller/thinner, arnt they Ben?

Joe, how much you want for a set?

depends on the stem diameter really as, if they are smaller, you would need retainers and collets, then you need to check the spring free / compressed length.

I would presume the f4r is smaller diameter stem than the 7p ben ?

which is what i said......

and getting custom items aint too much hassle.......neither is guides collets, spring retainers etc.....why run std items if your running 16% larger inlets?

Just got a reply from Nick Hill, he reckons the f4r valves wouldnt fit in the f7p head?

What do you two think?

Possibly, well, probably lol, as Nick knows that enigine very well.

the important measurements are....

valve length

Stem Diameter

Guide availability

Head diameter to a point - providing it will fit in the chamber without causing a flow restriction at the edge. (ie - closest to the chamber wall)

Have you got a valve from your engine ??

I can send you an F4R inlet / exhaust pair to play with if you like.