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FAO Geoff(Blue 172)

  Silver Fabia vRS

Seems good mate....feels more positive from lower down the rev range and midrange torque seems to be up. Top end it is the same, but the noise from the induction is awesome! Can get enough of driving round in 2nd and flooring it at about 3k!

Still bedding the brakes in though so cant drive it too hard :(

Hows yours?

Great :devilish: but unfortunately although there is loads of cold air about, its too wet to play hard :(. Flooring in second is great, changing down from 4th to 3rd to the red line through a tunnel is luvverly...:D... and it goes!

Are you going put her on the RR to check out the difference? Have you got the disks and pads or what?


  Silver Fabia vRS

Rolling Road is this Sat morning so we shall see what difference it has made! I know what you mean about it being wet. Nick said your going back in to have the under body scoop put on and the fog light put back in?

I have gone for Tarox G88 discs up front and Tarox fast road pads front and rear (the rears are the same as the 16v!)

I will enjoy!