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FAO GirlRacer (R5 related)

Wow!!! :eek: As I told... beautiful car. What are the specs of both cars? BTW, I spotted (sp) your Clio on one of the pictures. ;)

Thank you very much GR. You are as lovely as ever.

youd be lucky finding one...been trawling through auto trader etc. to find a good one at reasonable money, all the alleged standard ones seem to go for 3/ 3.5k....which is alot of cash for a 1989/90 car!!!


  Shiny red R32


In a word - never.

A friend who is a mechanic wants it, so I might let it go as he would make better use of it than I do, he thinks that I am only good at cleaning it!! He also has a frightenly fast 2 door Sierra Cosworth with over 400 bhp and which he is currently speeding up even more!!

This Cossie would scare ChavyBoy!! Might even keep up with his bike!

Its handy having chums who own a garage as I can get anything done for free.



  Shiny red R32


Forgot to say that my pals paler blue GTT holds the record for the fastest quarter mile, up to 1600 cc, at Crail.

It was tuned by GT Tuning it looks and sounds great.

I prefer ur GTT to ur friends GR , even if it aint as fast, looks more ....."up to date" if u like ;) and looks more mean!

Damn im jealous of all ur cars :]

GR, you seriously thinking of selling...???

If anything a raider deserves is a polish. If i had one it would come out only for tracks and 1/4 mile. A nice raider is v.rare