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FAO: Hit & Run


I noticed in another thread, you said that your renault dealer had managed to fix a rattle in the middle of the dash.

I have a rattle in the same place, but my dealer hasnt been able to fix it yet.

Do you happen to know what your dealer did, or what caused the rattle, as any info I can give to my dealer would be helpful. In fact, do you have the tel. number for your dealer and/or the name of the mechanic who worked on your car?

Any help you can offer me would be most gratefully received.

  320d M Sport

I would appreciate it also as mine does it. I know its French etc etc, baut damn, its annoying.



Renault had two tries at fixing this problem, first thing does it happen at certain revs. Mine happend all the time between 2,000 - 3,000 rpm they first told me it was due to a part of the air conditioning system which they fixed. It was ok after that but the vibration returned and was then traced to my hands free kit. The cars been back a week now and no further problems, it only started after they took the whole dash off to replace the Sat Nav screen. You may have tried this already but I took the eng who was going to work on my car out for a quick drive so he could experience all the rattles.

It was Renault Croydon at Coulsdon who fixed it, dont know the name of the eng who worked on the car.

I do not take any nonsense from Renault, just because its a French car does not mean you have to put up with poor build quality. Renault have so far been very good, they accept that I have had more than my fair share of problems but they have been positive in trying to fix them.

I do not have much luck with cars my last one was a SAAB 9-3 turbo which spent 2 1/2 months solid at a number of SAAB garages over the 2 years I owned it, gave it back to SAAB with 3 major faults outstanding.