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FAO KeithO

At last.

You know when you do something and then you think WHY?? I thought you had a personilised number plate so when you flashed I did not recognise the car and though you wanted to play... Hence the reason I put my foot down

After you turned off I then thought (if it was you because I cant think any other reason why a 172 would flash) I dont want to seem unsociable and thats when I came back. Only to look like some derranged stalker

Hope you and your girlfriend enjoyed the meal/film. Did you ever have a personalised number plate? Must have been someone else !!

See you around
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Its just a pitty the girlfriend was with me!!! She was screaming when I came round the roundabout after I saw the Red CTR, I thought it would be you so I sped up! Nope never had a personalised plate.

Nice car though, quite like the red I hate black and silver is a touch common now.

Went to see insomnia, was pretty good!