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FAO kelly

hello, is the meet at stanley green on tonight? a few of us are thinking of going down and would like to know if it will be as busy as lasat week?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

also Kel, where is Saturday going?? i spoke to Cubby last nite but didnt get much detail, i aint been in touch wi the cruisers much lately lol
  TT 225

Eek! Hi guys :)

Stanley Green is on this week yea, I wont be there tho because I have to go to a crappy works Christmas Do :mad:

And Rob - the cruise this Saturday should only take 15 minutes from Birch services where Cubby is meeting me ;)
  H22A7 Accord Type R

ah.............very close then............think i should pop along??? i cant decide?! :confused:

I take it this is the same Kelly as DarkCruisers Kelly? Should be coming up to the North thing on Saturday with some of the Darkcruisers Telford masive!! Will be there in the Bright Blue Jap styled clio with the flip painted 306 of darkcrusiers.