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FAO Nick Read or anyone else up to scratch with N20

Just wanted to know how the plate system works, for cars with carbs rather than injection?

Is it as reliable/safe/powerful/upgradeable as the N20 injection systems?

Cheers for any info
  BMW 320d Sport

Dont know a whole lot about the plate systems, but if youre on carbs theres not much else you can do. Logic would suggest that a plate system hooked up to carbs would deliver the nitrous better than a single injector upstream of the throttle body (as for a fuel-injected system).

the plate system (BTW m complltly pissed so i might ramble) is ajust a plate a few mm thick with a howwol bar goin across from one side to the other. it has holes in and sprays the n20 down the manifold. its mounted between the carm and manifold.. there ok.

on my carbed MK1 XR2, i use a single crossfore injector mounted 3/4" above the primary venturi to spray down the carb throat, ensures even distrubution.