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FAO Nick Read

How you doing mate?

Are you at trax this sunday??? If you are pop over to the lancer register stand and say hello, and ill show you the new love of my life, same goes for anyone else who knows me.

Got two track sessions in the morning at 10.20 and 11.40 was going to offer you a passenger ride, however, your not allowed passengers some other time mate.

Well see you all there
  BMW 320d Sport

no Im not there Ad! Back to school again for me mate so weekends are pretty much gone now, until Christmas.

But I am planning to go up to York in October for a big quarter miling session if you wanna come up north...its a bit of a long way for you though! I will definitely take you up on the passenger thing though. Next time Im over your way Ill give you a ring and sort something out mate.