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FAO: Nick Read

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Just wondered if you could maybe help me out Nick.

I have just put some 17s on my 16V and have been having problems turning my front wheels. What did you do to your front wings to help this. Do you have any pics? I know youve got 18s but mine is very low and im runnin 215.40.17 tyres so its bloody tight.
  BMW 320d Sport

Im running a 35mm drop on 215/35/18. I can get full lock, and no rubbing but to do that I had to remove virtually all the sh*tguards, cut into the actual *side* of the wheelarch (not just the lip underneath), and angle grind some of the metal off the subframe/inner arch.

Sounds like you need to go to a 205/40 tyre at the most and get rid of all that material from your arches if you havent done so already. Falkens apparently come up small and they dont have a very square shoulder so are ideal for squeezing into tight arches.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I think mines lowered probably 45mm or more on the front. It looks really good now. Its goin in for some paint in a few weeks hopefully so should be immaculate. Ive seen a few around that dont look as tidy as mine now so i was pretty please :)

Ill have a go at the arches. Ive moved back in with my parents and we have a huge garage so its gonna get some much needed TLC. Does takin the inner sh*t guards affect it in anyway? I guess the wings wont rust with em bein plastic anyway

mine have been out forages, the only problem i had was my horns got filled with mud ard rubbish, but this might be because i put them back on facing the wrong way, generaly its not problem (so far)