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FAO: People who have lowered a mk1

  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
I lowered the torsion bar today to match the springs that i put on last week.

However its too low and i need to raise it slightly. I got the dust caps off and the bar out very very easily and i was expecting the rest to be easy. I followed the guide with that yellow clio, the one people always link to.

Anyway i tried 3 times to raise it by taking everything back out and jacking up the hubs less and it wouldnt change the height and stayed at the same level its at now (see pics). Even let the hubs hang freely on the last time and after sticking the bars back in, it still didnt alter the height. what am i doing wrong?

Oh and what do you think of how it is now? I love it the way it sits just now but it rubs really bad with just me in the car. wheels are too wide for the car btw.



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  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
do the shocks have much resistance in them dude? might have leaked gas so there is no pressure there...

are you knocking the torsion bar back in tight again after making it higher?