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FAO R Sport ECU Upgrade Users

I proably will be ordering the ECU tommorow for my car, can I have some more feedback for the people with the ECU and what there cars are feeling and performing like. Cheers. Tim O.

good call Tim0172, Im tempted myself but want to hear a few more reports first.

My main concern is 8000rpm on an unbalanced flywheel and the long term damage that may occour from this. I hope someone can clarify how much vibration they get.
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Ok this is nothing I havent said before:

The ECU makes the car much easier to drive in traffic. It is much stronger off the line on both crawl-away and hard launches.

The car is quicker in every situation now. 60 comes in around 6 seconds (tested twice with 50 miles of fuel in the tank, 2 people in the car, and a Ericsson phone stopwatch).

The engine feels much stronger at 7,000 rpm where as before it felt like it was struggling to go any further. 8,000rpm equates to ~40mph in first.

The car is still averaging the same mpg figures (around the 25 mark for me). I rate the ECU very highly and thought as R-Sports first ECU customer Id let them know. I phoned them that night to tell them I was very happy.

Em some intereseting points made there frosty, however, like the other guys I would be keen to know what the engine implications are?

However, in saying that surely if Reno have put there name to it,it must be ok............oh sh*t then againit is Reno!

Frosty have u had Reno run a full diagnostic check yet?

The ro tating assembly is not the best balanced but the worst culprit is the flywheel. My 172 has been running over a yr with an 8000rpm limit. It does get wheezy near there and there is slightly worse vibration, but nothing major.

But youll never need to rev to 8K, the cam just doesnt make the power up there. does sound nice though....
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Agreed. I only do it in first gear cos you get there so quickly, after that I shift up at about 7,500 rpm or there abouts. I think the engine falls of cam at around 6,800 rpm?

abbs_172: The engine implications all come back to the warranty approval thing. eg its not a problem.

The diagnostic check was done on the car after the ECU was fitted (and after the road test I would have thought).

Cheers for that frosty, the only problem i have now is that im driving my cup too much i.e 7000 miles already and I can see this making me drive it more....oH NO!!!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

If youre around the Croydon area Id be more than happy to give you a spin to help you make up your mind :D

I was / am thinking of this but I have just seen the MPG being achieved...

My god! Mine has never ever gone as low as that and that is even after one track day.I normally average about 37 - 38 MPG and if I rag it it may go to 34 - 35... (on the tack it went down to high twenties and the car spent most of the time in 2nd and 3rd at high revs) I dont drive slowly but most of my driving is too and from work so I guess it is not flat out. I like the idea of the ECU but if Im going to get 25 MPG Id want a better car than the Cup to show for it!!!

  Nissan R35 GT-R

Oh but I drive up to Greenwich a lot and drive very hard :)

I used to get 25 mpg before the ECU was fitted. Motorway use goes up to around 35-40 mpg (but only if you reset the counter otherwise you just get the average of all the miles you have done which will be lower).
  CTR EK9 turbo

"I know this sounds daft but the R Sport ECU is supposed to be just for the Cup and evidently, according to R Sport will not fit other 172s (i.e. Mk2 172s). The ECU has been developed for the road going 172. What would stop you from fitting the Group N Ecu from the rally cars such as this or this exactly what R Sport is supplying? Tim "

--------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

I did and it chewed fuel! needed an exhaust to go with it really.

Heres mine: but its for a mk.1 172.....

8000RPM sound good to me.

On average my car gives about 35MPG, I expect it to be a little heavier on fuel but im not that botherd.

So who will get it RRd first? I would love to see some figures!



I have never got 34 -35 even when driving normal (still quite hard then). The best I get is about 33-34 but usually around 28 - 30 on average.

RSport have said the MPG is better with the new ECU. I am still thinking about it but still have the same concerns over a long period of time with an unbalanced crank at higher revs. The solution would be to have it lightened and balanced but that work including labour would be to major / expensive for me.
  Nissan R35 GT-R

So what if the harmonic stress at 8,000 becomes to great one day and things go pop. Take it back to Renault and collect your new engine.

R Sport have said that the ECU is basically similar to the programmes for the Group N Car but with everything in there needed for a raod car, such as central locking, and immobiliser etc. Ordering mine in about 1/2 an hour.

Tim O.

Quote: Originally posted by Twit on 26 March 2003

My god! Mine has never ever gone as low as that and that is even after one track day.I normally average about 37 - 38 MPG and if I rag it it may go to 34 - 35... (on the tack it went down to high twenties and the car spent most of the time in 2nd and 3rd at high revs)
25+ mpg on the track?!! Last month, round Bedford, I saw 15mpg sustained over 150 miles of track time!!:eek:

If power drops off over 6800rpm (as confirmed by most RR plots) why would you want to rev the nuts off the poor little engine to 8000rpm????

So how are you guys going about this?

Do you order from your local Renault garage?

Do you order from R-Sport then have your local dealer fit it?

Or can you DIY it?


The engien wont blow itself apart at 8K, its far srtonger thanthat, all you will notice is a few more vibes associated with a near extra 1000rpm.

People worry alot about things that wont really ever happen. youll never really go up to 8 k either. there is no real point