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FAQ - Please read before posting


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Before you post, you may want to use the Search facility, your question may have been asked and answered before!

Answers to popular questions:

Q. What are the speaker sizes in my clio?
A. Pre-98 Clios use 4"/10cm 2way speakers or tweeters in the dash, 5.25"/13cm speakers in the door, 10cm Speakers in the back.
Post-98 Clios use 5.25"/13cm components front and back.

Q. How do i get the power wire for my amp into the car? (Cars from 1998 onwards)
A. You use the bonnet release cable grommet on the passenger side of your car, just make a big enough hole in it for the wire to pass through and then replace the grommet.

Q. How do I remove the dash in my Clio MK3 / 172 MK2?
A. See the FAQ at

Q. Any other info on ICE I can read?
A. Check out our car audio guide at

Q. How can I retain my display and stalk controls?


Autoleads: do adapters for the stalk but none for the display, currently trying to get one for stalk and display that works, ripspeed sell them for £30 but you have to remove your dash to fit it.

Connects2: do adapters for the stalk and display, the only lead that works with the display, ripspeed sell them for £60. Normaly have to be ordered in, also the easiest to fit. No removing dash, it simply uses the Remote Port, Power & CD Changer Controls.

Audiolinx: do adapters for the stalk and display, ive never heard anything about them but stock them for £60.


Justkenwood: stock the adapter for the stalk control only, very much alike the autoleads one for fitment and controls.


MCS Direct: stock the adapter for the stalk control only, Its under Alpine|Accessories, in 2 parts. You need the control unit and a interface, cheaper then ordering it from Halfords. Again fitment is like the Kenwood and Autoleads Sony adapters. Shame alpine only offer stalk control only.


Blue Spot: stock the adapter for the stalk control only, no display. £44 and fits like the Alpine, Kenwood & Sony Autoleads ones.

more to follow...