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Fast Car Mag may meet us at next meet

I hope I dont get too much of a flaming for see, knowing what an awesome meet the last Southend one was I took the liberty of inviting Fast Car magazine to see our truly fantastic cars. According to the email I got from Scary Steve Chalmers, they were in Germany and didnt get my email until this morning. So I emailed straight back saying I will give them more warning next time and it would most probably be in the next month or so. I got this reply:

Cheers Bill!
Pazs should be ready by then, so we can pop down in that.
Scary, let me know if you want this to happen, I am trying to get our excellent club in the limelight....If you would rather your Clio to not be immortalised in a magazine article then tell me and I will no longer try to arrange this.

Feedback please.

  BMW 320d Sport

hehe make sure you dont brush his bumper as you walk past it, it might crack in two its that flimsy.

To be honest, I doubt well get another big meet in this year. The summers almost over and its hard to get that many people to commit to come, once a year is about as often as you can pull it off!

By all means ask them if they want to check it out, but I to be honest a lot of these mags eg Fast Car, Max, Redline etc like to follow rather than lead and theyre a load of freeloaders. Spend their whole lives blagging free kit and staying on the latest bandwagon as long as they can. Get 10 Saxos together and theyll feature it. 40 odd Clios and it wont get a mention.

Clios are hard to mod, relatively expensive and there arent that many about really, so from a business point of view, theres not much point featuring them. Just my hapennys worth there. I know Fast Car were supposed to be at the Hill Power day when there were about 100 Renaults last year. Did they turn up? Did they my arse. Then apparently Paz had the cheek to ring up Nick Hill and try and blag more discounts than RSC and Cliosport get just cos he works for a mag. You can guess what Nick told him.


I am sure we will all get back together in a month or so for the usual meet. Saturdays was such a sucess that I am 100% behind the guys and girls in my thinking they will loyally show up for the next one. You may be right about the Fast Car guys but we can but wait and see. If they turn well and good...if not....we still have one hell of a great meet.


P.S. Sent some pix of my Willy2, how long does it usually take for them to get into the gallery ?.

Id definitely come to another - as long as it was good as the last!!

Ive got some people in Wales/West interested
  BMW 320d Sport

Bill youve got the idea, ask em to come along, but if they dont show it dont matter.

Doing meets at a central location is a possibility, its just deciding where. For some odd reason, loads of members will get off their arses to come to a Southend meet, but put it somewhere else and you get locals only!

I suggest that we need somewhere thats a good cruise spot anyway, that way people can do their own thing later on if they want. Not anywhere in Avon & Somerset though! Ive always liked Leicester but I dont know where they go cruising there. Fosse Park or something?
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Who the hell wants a crappy Max flower type mag at a meet like yours. I would say this club is above the likes of the spotty teenage mags.


Didnt see you there on Saturday night ?.
The Idea is to get our club recognised, hence more savings and discounts at accessory shops and tuning places. Also a chance to bring in more members to our superb club.
Paul, please remember, we have plenty of as you say, spotty teenagers as valid and most welcome members of our club.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

So why is it when you get a post of a heavily cosmetically modified clio, people on here refer to it as belonging in Max Power, and probably owned by spotty teenagers in base ball caps. Im generalising I know, but you all do it.

And I wasnt there on Sat night because I had to visit my nan in hospital as she is ill.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Id be up for this even though my little pop pop mobile isnt modded in anyway. Be good for the club to get the coverage.

Ive got a heavy modded Clio, shall i get my coat?
The club is for all types of Clios. Think you will find that the more enthusiastic members are the ones that have or want to mod their clios.
I am not a "spotty teenager" but am proably one of the younger members of the group so maybe i dont understand it all from a "moany old gits" poit of view?
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Sorry, perhaps I have come across a bit wrong here. Im afraid I do not like the magazines like Max Power, Fast Car, etc etc. That is not to say that all their readers/car entrants are in the same calibre.

What I am saying is that I would not want to get involved with any of those magazines if I ran such a well organsied popular club. I have been involved with Redline in the past, so Ive experience from both sides of the cover.


You got a problem grandad!
What are you jealous that you are old and cant pull no more! jealous that us teenagers got whot u aint!!!

As car enthusiasts, who cares is someone decides to "cosmetically modify" their car! id give respect to those who create wild cars, as its true, standard cars look sh!te

Your stereotypes are inaccurate! so shat it!!

We need magazines like Max Power and Fast Car, these are inspirational!!!!

Pmitchell you seem like a complete t8sser!

driving a modified car doesnt mean ur
1.spotty 2. a teenager 3. a baseball cap wearing hoodlum!!!

Thats just a load of ol b****cks!

Its like saying those who dont modify their car are
1.a grandad 2.boring 3.broke

Theres no point sterotyping, everyone has their own opinion, and IMO u guys seem like 2old4it t***s!!! why dont you guys go buy an escort estate or something!!!

If I may be so bold, how does Saturday 14th of september sound to everyone for the next scheduled Southend meet ?. Of course wed like to see more clios than last time there, if that is humanly possible. Let me know and I will get an email sent to fast car .?
2Stupid2bTakenSeriously, you are welcome to come along just leave your give teens a bad name attitude at home. I am sure lots of the guys/girls here would love to meet you in person.

Most them mags are a load of sh*t! But ifs a pride thing if your car gets in there. Id be proud to see my time, money and effort being showed across the country.
And its free advertising for the club. Even if it does bring mouthy little t***s here, we still get there money to help us all have well organised events.

2fast4u where are you from?
You got silver bump strips on ya car?

Some1 mention a meet down S/end? I know Im new and dont know ne 1 off here, but I think it would b a good idea.

havin all are cars in a mag would be well good most the other clubs do so why shouldnt we it will help to get more members too. oh and pazs clio is one of the madist lookin clio ive ever seen the back bumper is a bit o.t.t but the front one is wicked
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well guys the northern rollin road day is on the same day (14th)

and ive got Performance GTi mag to come up for a feature
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


So does that mean that you me and nick all should be frowned upon by certain members of this club !!
Just because we have (maxed cars). So our cars arent standard and no they arent always gleaming !! So does that mean that we joined the wrong club ???????
If that is the case I ll get my coat along with Tony.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


So does that mean that you me and nick all should be frowned upon by certain members of this club !!
Just because we have (maxed cars). So our cars arent standard and no they arent always gleaming !! So does that mean that we joined the wrong club ???????
If that is the case I ll get my coat along with Tony.

speak for your self mate my car is always gleaming!

Av a word mate! That front bumper is the bit well over the top! The rear end is ok, apart from the f*** off tea table on the roof. The car has been done really badly too, you can see where the handels used to be and the sidestrips.
Oh well personal taste i guess.