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Fastest thing u have been on/in

just been for a spin on a kawasaki ninja. it was my first time on a bike and JESUSMOTHERf**kINGCHRISTALLMIGHTY it was pretty darn quick. it got to 140mph quicker then my car gets to 50!!! the guy who took me out said he didnt unleash it properly cos it was my first time and that my weight on the back was getting the front end to lift off on full throttle.

as for cars, the quickest thing i have been in is a very rare audi S6, we were four up and killed an 225TT of the lights, i know a TT isnt much but the S6 puts u back in your seat!!

As for acceleration, my mates(also very rare!!) 200bhp+ golf G60 aint half bad either. Traction permitting!!

On the road its my dads aston vantage, though im sure the vanquish will take over.

On track ive rode shotgun in a very heavily modified Jag E-Type which was lapping F40s and Jag XJ220s at Brands. It had well over 600bhp, the owner told me it did 0-60 in under 3 secs.



oh yeah forgot about that ;)

Concorde it is then

Mike you still got your boeing?

wanna find some air space my 777 has alloys now it would have your "sporty 737" easy
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Hayabusa gets the thumbs up from me. Im planning on building a chassis around one later on this year. Should be good for sub 3 second 60 sprints.

800BHP Nissan Skyline - The guy had spent £25,000 on just the engine.

0-120mph in 8/9 seconds - never been in something so quick.
  Lionel Richie

Mates std Pulsar is ridiculous,

Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder makes the pulsar feel like a 1.2 clio!!!!!

6.75L twin turbo V8 Bently Red Label had the most pull, my neck was hurting the day after going in that!!!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

My lotus is about the quickest thing Ive ever been in. Altho driven 355s, 911s, and so on...actually the BMW X5 4.6iS thing is pretty good too!


yeah its based on a sierra most lotus 7 style cars are they use the rear axle (inc diff), brakes (cossie or xr 4x4) and thats about it :)

S6 n S8...... they r not the ultimate fast car for standing start i think they only do 6.7 quoted by Audi... i think teh RS6 is seriously rapid so are those SL55 AMG n E55 AMG... will till those monster V12 twin turbo from merc to come out ouch.....

anyone been in a Zonda C12 S?



Quote: Originally posted by cyue005 on 29 January 2003

S6 n S8...... they r not the ultimate fast car for standing start i think they only do 6.7 quoted by Audi... i think teh RS6 is seriously rapid

But the S8 i was in had 511 bhp and was S\C


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by telford_mike on 29 January 2003

Boeing 737-300.
hope you lowered it and fitted some nice 17" alloys wrapped in toyo proxies ;)

oh and the fastest car I have been in is a ferrarri modena (spelling ?) but it wasnt moving at the time :(

The fastest thing I have been in while moving is my 172

oh Tomclio is the S8 u were in turbo charged? no wonder then i thought u mean a stock V8 S8 my bad... yeh if we are talkin about stock Audi n with the exclusion of any "RS" types the stock S4 will be the fastest of the S series in 0-60 not too sure about those in gear accerleration though

oh yeh just read this article about Brabus puttin ou E V12 ehhehe new E class with new S class V12 Twin Turbo engine.... stats : 1020nm torque at 1750 rpm OUCH@@@@@@@@@@@@ n not so big 630 hp at 5500 rpm..... its running 375mm discs at front with 12 pistons n 6 pistons at the back .......... 0-100km 4.2 seconds (auto) 0-200 is 12.99 or so ... top sped 340km........

oh yeh my 21st comin in a few months time . guys get some fund raisin goin i think i know wut i want now ahhahahaha
  Clio 197

I was just at the dentists with my daughter and they had the latest copy ot Wuto Motor und Sport. The new Bugatti has 1001 BHP and 406km/hr top speed. Now that is impressive!

Whats that ride at Alton Towers that drops you very quickly into a hole in the ground? Thats quite rapid...


Well Ive driven the Escudo Pikes Peak car, did 1km in just over 15 seconds and managed a top speed of 998km/h............oooops sorry wrong forum....

Fastest car Ive driven is an M5, pretty impressive consdiering it size, fastest thing Ive ridden is my dads CBR900RR, pissess on anything and everything road legal, at 100mph in 6th if you open the throttle it feels like it gonna pull your arms off, mental!!!! got 180+mph out of it, NO one needs something that quick.

Fastest thing Ive been in, baring planes is a ProMod drag car, based around a 1970s Ford Mustang, 11ltr V8 Supercharged plus N20. Did a mere 8sec run at the pod, a bugger me is that quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like having an anvil on your chest.

Quickest plane Ive been in is a MiG-25 Foxbat, which my gf and parents paid for me to go up in on my 18th, words cant describe how quick it is!!!! :D

I attended a CCC ultimate track day track session/photoshoot, my mates 205 was in. while there i got taken round the track in:-

supercharges lotus exige

Lancia delta integrale

and best of all a race spec cateram R500 0-60 <3seconds 0-100 <6 seconds

the car was used for racing and the owner sure knew how to drive it.

mates modified 205gti got voted best track day bargain and the supercharged exige got voted best overall track car.

350 bhp TT enged MK2 Golf - nice

merc 500E - Just as fast but with electric leather seats, aircon and the toys....