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Fecking Car!


Only got my Cup on Tuesday and was looking forward to the weekend to see what it could REALLY do! Saturday morning was fine, gave it a good roasting, even surprised the sh*te out of a 330Ci as I roared off from some lights!

Its true what they say about this thing, its F*CKING quick!

Anyway, saturday afternoon it starts pulling to the left under any sort of acceleration. I go to drive it over to my mate as Renault were shut by then and suddenly BANG! sh*te myself as thought that Id hit something but find out that a tyre has blown! 4 fecking days Ive had it!

Still, Sunday morning I phoned up the AA at 9am. At 12pm they arrived to change my tyre for a Pirelli as they didnt have any ContiSportContacts. £150 lighter I drive off again but now the balancing is screwed!

Back in the garage today :(

Trying to decide if its worth getting the old tyre repaired as a possible spare? What a sh*te weekend!

Feck, Arse, Girls, Drink...

Sorry to hear bout ya weekend Sangy.

Cant really blame Renault for this one, as Tyres are from different Manufacturer. I would give em a ring today for a brand new tyre this shouldnt have happened and the tyre must have been defective

My Weekend was better, as I picked up the cup Saturday morning.:D

Have done 300 miles since then and have loved every minute so far

Will be joining the club within the week guys...

Will add a couple of picks later today

glad youve had more fun with yours than i have with mine so far! Watch out for that foam stuff they give you instead of a spare wheel, its sh*te!

AA man said its not worth doing!

By the way, he was a very nice man. A very, very nice man.

Make sure you give the tyre manufacter a ring, the tyre was sub standard,

You should get something, back. All tyres are still handmade, so it was obvioously a lemon. Would, ring someone and rip their head off , over the phone. Good luck, and take no prisoners.

Just spoke to them and they are going to do the balancing and check the faulty tyre over at lunchtime.

Should be back to racing speed by this afternoon!


Had you actually checked the tyre pressures on your car cos i wouldnt trust reno to get them right!!!


Tell me about it. Just been into Renault and really kicked off with them. They have my car now for the afternoon and Im going to pick it up after work and there had better be another Contisport on it!

I feel sorry for the leper like man they had on the Service desk as I have just ripped him a new arsehole...

Got it back last night. Seems to be ok this morning?

they said they balanced it but it still doesnt feel quite right? Pressures are all ok from what the book said.

Maybe Im not doing it right though so does anyone know what they should be for the Cup?