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Today while nursing a mild hangover I decided to make a trip to Macdonalds. as you do. On the way a MK3 fiesta came up behide me. It had a big bore exhaust and some 14s it was only a basic model to.

Anyways she(yes it was a women driving) decided to try in it on while on the striaght. I was in the other lane and let her go down the inside then I got right u her arse then when to overtake she then pulled out right in front of me. b**ch lucky my tarrox brakes were worn in and I could stop. As my car is serious decked I when sideways round this roundabout and it was BYEBYE fiesta!!!!!


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Rob, be careful if driving whilst still in the hangover state! A guy who works with my hubby lost his licence for a year a little while ago, on his way to work the following morning! He hadnt even done anything wrong and it was just by chance that the police were doing random checks that morning and picked on him.

I also know of two others (one owns the bodyshop attached to our local Ford dealer) who were caught this way, both driving home the next day after parties, thinking that they were OK, both fined hundreds of pounds and banned for a year.

Apparently each unit of alcohol takes one hour to be absorbed into the blood system and one hour to be expelled. Imagine how long twelve pints takes to clear from your system!


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Twelve pints!

I dont touch booze of any kind, but I think the loo would be the best place to be for a week after twelve pints.

Keep the roads a bit safer

driving to work today i was on a 3 lane b rd which goes into 2 lane, i was on the outside lane overtarking this clapped out e reg escort with a caphead driving it, as i was going past him just before the 3 lane merge into 2 he decided to boot it forcing me to slams on the brakes, fair do if you want a race but doing that its childish and it didnt prove a point except for making yourself noted as a t**t.
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is that the same escort driver who has clouds of smoke pouring out the exhaust, and from the sound of the engine doesnt know where the fuel cap is?!

One of my mates has a newish fiesta, talk about a plasticy pile of poo, definate rip-off.

well it werent quite a 12 pint night more of a aftershock night. But less of that I aint to bothered anyway as the girl that was driving the fiesta was actual very fit, I let her off this time..