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Ferodo DS Performance FDS558 rear pads wont fit


ClioSport Club Member
A bit of a weird one, I got the Ferodo FDS558 pads off of autodoc since kamracing lists them as compatible on their website for clio 172 rear brakes.

Turns out that they wont fit and seem to be too thick? Piston side is fine but the outer facing one simply wont fit between the disc and the caliper bracket.
Am I missing something here or are these just simply not compatible?


(if anyone is looking for rear brakes that wont fit your car hmu :( )
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ClioSport Club Member
Have you tried pushing the pad holder because its on slider pins?

Any pics of your failed attempt?

I did try to pull with the pad holder bolted on but I couldn't get it to move so I assumed (for some reason) that it's just fixed in place? Come to think of it, that's a little silly. I suppose they might be seized then. They just sit behind the caliper?

I got fed up so I didn't take a pic. I did take one with the old pads still in place:

I've replaced these years ago but the car sat for a few years so maybe I've just completely forgotten about the sliding pins. Wow, I feel stupid...