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Fibreglass Gurus - Services

  Megane R26

Right I have cash waiting for anyone who would like to take up the task of building me a nice sub box for my 172. It will house a Vibe 12" Space. I do know the first clue about this, so it is why I am asking. Is there anyone out there who will take this on?
  Megane R26

Guides are cool, but seroiously dont have the time, is anyone willing. Would like the flush left side of the boot idea. Help a Guy out :p

Buy a stealthbox?

Youll have to check the internal volume is suitable for the sub, or you could change your choice of sub if its not suitable? (should tell you the ideal size on the packaging of the sub if youve already got it, or you can check the recommended subwoofers button on the bottom left of the above pages to see what one would match the box of your choice)

The two boxes above have different internal sizes - Im sure the ICE gurus on here can tell you which box size and which sub is more suitable for the type of music you want to listen to!

unlikely, for the money most people would ask, it would work out just as cheap to get an installer to do it for you
  Megane R26

So ghey :/

Emailed Stealthbox people and they wanted an extra £45 to make the box a lil bigger (37 ltrs instead of 31), box total around £200 :eek: Reckon the sub would still perform/ be ok in a 31ltr box compared to the recommended 37??
  silver valver/hybrid

could always put some wading in there to make the box appear bigger to the sub.

Are you planning to enter sound off competitions? Would you honestly know any different if the sub is in a slightly smaller box? Unless you are an ICE guru, who really knows what they are talking about (which from the looks of things, you are not) then i wouldnt worry about 6 litres of space, im sure the sub will still sound the dogs danglies to you. I think my sub is in the wrong size box, but i dont give a monkeys, it sounds great to me.