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fibreglass sub box

Looking great there!

the amount of layers depends on the weight of matting your using, but it should be about 1cm - 1.5mm.

Once its strong enough ie over 1cm all over, you will be able to stand on it without doing any damage!

You could sandwhich corematt

but this needs to be between say 5mm of FG either side as its not as strong. - is a good place to get it, and cheap (if buying reasonable quantities)


  Polo + Micra

nah that was just the time i posted this:) .

rorrie did you mean between 1-1.5 mm or cm?

they are 12" holes. the dimensions im not sure of but i think it might be between 1.7 - 2.3 cu.ft.

yer sorry was meant to be cm!

as for the box, quite a good shape! im thinking of doing my boot build with plenty of fg still but i need more sapce in my boot, as there is none!

i may build it in the space tyre (where the tools usually are), hum, sorry getting of topic!