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Finally Decided, the Williams must go

I have finally come to the decission that the Williams must go after test driving an Import Scooby STI. I have been toying with this idea for a while and driving the Scooby made my mind up once and for all, its just go everything i am looking for in a car at the moment and ill be going down to the garage again tomorrow to sort out some fiqures. I will be sorry to see the Clio go as it has been a very good car and much fun but the time has come. Details of the Williams in the For Sale forum.


Oh dear...cant you keep it? Youll get some cash for the Willy, but youll miss it, no matter how good your next car.

My 16v is still off the road (waiting for wheels as usual) so Ive been driving my parents cars. Theyre nice to drive, but I literally daydream about the induction roar and stunning handling of my Valver.


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Rob check out the battle thread and voice your concerns

Whan you puttin the car in for sale?
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The Scooby is a great car. Sort of a grown up Willy actually. Youll love it.

But it wont touch my Evo VI!

Just kidding. Enjoy.
  Clio 197

Oh, and Dazz, if you find that some of the lads baulk at your price, telll them about mine. Probably the cheapest one in the world at the moment!

Oh who said STi?

No doubt the garage have said that the running costs are around the same as your clio (if they did they would be lying!) as you will need to take into consideration a few factors before even attempting to buy an Import STi.

First of all, the car only runs on SUL (super unleaded fuel) and octane booster is advisable (approx 3 quid a bottle per 50ltrs of fuel).

Servicing is a bit of a culture shock from a clio, its every 6 months or 7.5k (which ever first but still 6 month even if you only do 3k per year).

A Major service can set you back around 500 quid, most are around 300 and the cheap intermediates will cost you around 90-100 quid. Expect to spend a lot on your car, modifications and imports dont really match as there have been a few cases of melted pistons etc as the fuel gets leaned out too much so an uprated ecu is advisable even on exhaust modifications (like a decat, and ecus can cost around 700-1200 quid).

Brakes are a weak point, the 4 pot calipers on there aint too bad (assuming that its a relativly new STi) so there are a few options open to you.

I would personally look at spending 8k per year (age dependant) on insurance, fuel, parts, servicing and general maintenance. (yes it does acutally cost this much!)

My final word is do not skimp on parts, get the best available to you (tyres etc) otherwise you will end up with big bills......


The Above post about sums it up. My cousin had a my00 turbo from new, imported from holland. He owned it for 2 years and did about 12,000 miles - -his running costs were shocking. Great car but it wasnt that much faster than hot hatches FRST, VTS etc- not for the high running costs anyway. Its had 218bhp but he says he his favorite car still is his old VTR. If you have the cash then its worth it. 8K btw is what he spent in 1 1/2 years if I remember correctly - you pay for that rally style perfomance.


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Some friends have just got rid of their Scooby as it was horrendously expensive to get anything done, a new exhaust cost an absolute fortune as did some other work, so it had to go. They have replaced it with a cool better looking Integra Type R, which looks so much better than the newer Civic TR.

I do admit that i have never looked back after buying the scoob (except i want a newer one now as mine is nearly 3 yrs old) but if you can afford it then do buy one, if you cannot afford it then dont, buying one and not being able to run it is a sin itself.....

  Revels Mum & Sister

I will agree. I would have been able to scrape the money together to get one. Seeing as I am Covered by a traders policy Insurance isnt a worry. But being a Uni student. Running a Clio 16V is bad enough

Glad I didnt would have loved an older one though. We are talking M reg hehe.

Go for it if you can afford to run it.

Well, the purchase of this Scooby has fallen through as the garage have fcuked me about. I was surposed to go down today to sort out all the final details only to be told that someone else bought the car last night. Very strange I thought as I was speaking to the guy only 15mins before he closed. I did some more investigating to find that he has decided to keep the car for him self and not sell it at all (Bloody garages). The Clio is still for sale and I am now on the look out for another Scooby (amongst other things), but it must be an STi as they have the spec and toys that i want. I am aware of the running costs and would never entertain skimping on parts and servicing etc so if anyone knows of one for sale let me know. Probably looking at L, M, N reg for the bugget i have.


Well the original STi was basically a WRX, no upgraded engine mods or the likes, the 2 was upgraded and the 3 came with a close deck block (stronger engine).

10k should get you a good 2/3, the 4 was meant to be the best (in some peoples books) but i would look at these cars carefully as alot of people who do buy them dont run them on the correct fuel (5k for an engine rebuild if things go wrong).

You want to check out and speak to Ian (or is it Iain?) as he can source you a car direct from japan (which may be better than getting one from over here).